While other companies are subcontracting web hosting with cut rate services and hardware, we maintain our own hardware.  This gives us great control of what and when things happen to support, upgrade, and scheduled downtime.  This also gives us an added advantage to give our customers fast support and added features if required.  Some of the basic features:

- FTP Account

-Web Email Access, Distribution lists, auto forwards, web email administration

- Our newest features for business and higher accounts is a CMS system to maintain and add features to your website without the need to code pages or know how to code specific options.  It is as easy as selecting the option and adding a new page and any of the features below are added and live on your site without the added cost of development

  Robust and secure – don’t let its simplicity fool you. With features you’d expect to find only in high-end CMS packages, and the flexibility of channel-based permissions system can meet the content management needs of large, multi-department organizations.

Versatile and secure document management - Because content is more than just web pages, offers secure document management of MS Office documents, PDF files, graphics… whatever files you need to distribute.

Advanced Team Collaboration features – Make it easy for multiple team members to work together on your web content. Automatic page locking ensures that changes can’t be accidentally over-written. A comprehensive Version History feature enables you to track changes and restore previous versions of any page. And a flexible approval workflow lets you specify the most appropriate approval process for each section of your website.

Listings - Maximum Flexibility in Layout & Content Presentation – Provides unique Listing features that open up new options for organizing related content.
Here are just some of the ways you can use listings:

  • A directory of knowledge-base articles, ordered by date, popularity or rating.
  • A thumbnail gallery, linking to images, audio or video files, pdf documents, etc.
  • A playlist of videos, MP3s or images.
  • A slideshow displaying a rotating series of images.
  • A blog, with InsiteCreation’s built-in comments, rating, calendar and RSS.
  • An e-commerce catalogue, linking to pages featuring downloadable or shippable products.
  • A directory of links to other websites.
  • A list of downloadable files, for example MS Office files, pdf documents, etc. – useful for giving your staff access to the documents they need.

AJAX & Javascript Framework - powered CMS; You can create impressive listing presentation with special effects such as Accordion, Carousel, Lightbox, Reflection, etc and embed various multimedia files on your content with built-in viewer.
For developers, if you familiar with JQuery or Mootools, you can create your own listing with custom effects and interaction.

Built-in ecommerce functionality – Sell downloadable digital products or physical goods directly from your website, without installing and setting up separate ecommerce software. Has a full-featured shopping cart system, complete with PayPal integration, built right into the CMS. Setting up an online shop is a breeze, and InsiteCreation automatically handles downloads of digital products and calculation of shipping for physical products.